Our COVID-19 Policies

Our Key COVID-19 Protocols are:

For Our Patrons:

- All patrons must wear a mask or face covering that fully covers both their mouth and nose. 

- If you feel ill, or have the symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.

- All patrons must practice social distancing with regards to other patrons and our staff, by remaining 6 feet apart from others, and using our floor markers as a guide.

- We have one table that can accommodate up to four people to sit and consume our goods, but patrons must only remove their masks when seated.

- At this point in time we are not accepting cash transactions, but we will be reviewing this policy at the end of June 2021.  Please respect this without argument or harassing the staff.  We have the right to refuse service to those who choose to make an issue of these policies.

For Our Staff:

- We are all wearing masks inside the building and on our premises to keep our staff and patrons safe.

- We practice as much social distancing as we can in our space by working at separate tables or opposite ends of tables, have only one person at a time in certain spaces, and a maximum of two people in others. 

- We do not come to work if we are feeling ill.  We do daily health checks.

- We frequently wash our hands:  after using the bathroom, after touching our face, before working with a new product, after eating, and before serving our patrons.

- We sanitize high contact surfaces (like our POS system, and our work surfaces) between uses.

- We sanitize our 1 common table after use.

- We are encouraging our staff to get vaccinated as soon as possible.  More than half of our staff are currently vaccinated.