We are proud to stock organic teas from Silk Road, based out of Victoria. Their loose teas are very fresh, rarely bitter and always delicious. We have eight varieties, hoping to capture whatever flavours hit your sweet spot.
All teas are $2.25.

Hearth & Grain


Alchemist’s Brew: a zesty & refreshing tea with a tantalizing reddish pink hue - hibiscus flowers, spearmint leaves, lemongrass, rosehips, cinnamon bark.

Herbal Chai: a zippy, sweetly spicy & warming infusion, this is great if you have a cold - ginger root, cinnamon bark, anise seed, cardamom, allspice.

Hearth & Grain


Sour Cherry: the blissful taste of delicate cherry & sencha with a beguiling, fruity aroma - green tea, sakura cherry essence.

Genmai Cha: a mild, toasty & nutty flavour with a sweet finish - green tea, roasted rice.

Hearth & Grain


Imperial Earl Grey: Irresistible bergamot & exquisite black tea - black tea, bergamot fruit essence.

Jewel of India: a malty, well rounded & exhilarating cup of tea with a rich reddish coloured infusion - Indian Assam black tea grown at 1500 feet.

Mango Shade: a tantalizing, ripe, mango fruitiness with the refreshing lift of Ceylon tea - black tea, calendula flowers, mango fruit essence.

Vanilla Plantation: intoxicating, uplifting vanilla notes with a smooth & rich Ceylon finish - black tea grown at 6000 feet, vanilla bean & essence.